I spent so long trying to find the identity of this designer but I failed miserably.
However, I absolutely love this designers style, its fun, humorous, very stylised and is constantly up to date with internet culture and my generations’ humour. If they’re not of my generation I’ll eat my hat.
They transfer their designs to print too but on fabric, they create t-shirts and totes. I love them, I need one in my life.


Ania Tatar is a graphic designer from Poland.
I had trouble translating her design description but I believe this design was part of a poster series done for a Polish theatre and arts festival.
I enjoy to curved setting of the type and the way in ties in to the illustration making the design flow well. The illustration style isn’t my favourite but I think it works really well for the context of this poster.

The British Army unveiled their new recruitment campaign designs in the January of 2019.
“The campaign ‘Your Army Needs You’ has been designed to show the Army looks beyond young stereotypes and “sees people differently”.” Sadler (2019).
The campaign came after the British Army struggled to get new recruits.
I know this campaign didn’t carry well when it launched but I really like how the MOD took it back to its old school roots. I like the handmade printed look, contrasting with a digital photograph overlay on top. Also the paper isn’t a brilliant white, its more of a stone colour which makes it look more authentic to the vintage feel.
The various typefaces used could suggest it was created on a traditional letterpress.


Tad Carpenter is a designer and partner of the design and branding studio Carpenter Collective based in Kansas City, USA.
He used silk screen printing for this design.
I love the textural element to this work, the screen printed design looks like it sitting on top of the textured paper below because of the glossy contrast. I love love love this so much.
I would like to experiment with this

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