Tutorial Reflection

I showed my prints to Joe and he said he wasnt sure about them which is kind of disheartening. I don’t feel like i got much constructive advice so I’ve been thinking about where I can develop my experimentation further.

On the brief it talks about taking things from small to big or big to small so I am going to do this. I’m going to refer back to my research on thermal paper and start experimenting with receipts and printing on them, I started looking into how I could take the animal element smaller and there is currently a insect Armageddon happening due to climate change. I’m going to create some insect lino cuts and print them onto receipts as my next step for this project.

I think this may be an even more important topic than raising awareness about bigger animals. Insects are lower down in the food changes making them essential for keeping ecosystems going, losing insects could entail a loss of the bigger animals because of how the food chains work.

Pairing the insect crisis with the receipt pollution crisis works as they are both small things in size but huge when it comes to the impact on the environment.


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