For my exploration into the subject of the insect armageddon due to pollution, I wanted to identify and use real insects that have been affected by climate change.

Monarch Butterfly

Danaus Plexippus

Predicted to be extinct by 2037

Stag Beetle


Extinct in many parts of the Uk

Dung Beetle


If mammals die off they will too

Rocky Mountain Locust

Melanoplus Spretus (meaning dispised)

Completely wiped out throught the purposeful destruction of their habitats.

Great Yellow Bumblebee

Bombus Distinguendus

The Uk’s most endangered bee species.

Green Ground Beetle

Elaphrus Viridus

Critically endangered since 1980.

Gyronotus Perissonottoi Beetle


The most endangered type of Scarab beetle.

There are many insects in danger of extinction or already extinct due to the effects of pollution. These are just a small selection of those insects. It’s kind of sad how overlooked they are, they are so essential to the earths ecosystem.

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