Where next?

After my lastest tutorial with Joe, I felt like he hadn’t quite got what I’m trying to show with my project. He suggested I instead take it digital and rebrand big corporation logos to fit the pollution theme. I came a way from up feeling pretty deflated and confused but after having some good conversations with Gen and Nigel I felt better, I realised I don’t have to please the tutor all the time with my work and I should instead do what I feel is right (i dont know if thats rude but its how i feel).

So going forward…

because my intention is to raise awareness and educate people on the issues of reciept pollution and the extinction of insects, I’m going to set up a workshop where I invite people to bring their own reciepts and use my lino cuts to print upon them while we discuss the issues and the purpose of the project. I think the outcome of the workshop will be to stick up all the recipts onto a wall together to show the scale and impact of these issues.

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