My Idea

My idea is to make a guide or handbook for all girls & non binaries but mostly those who have factors that hinder their access to the sexual education needed to have safe & healthy sex/relationships and healthy relationships to their own bodies. The guide would cover many different essential topics currently missing from the curriculum, but the main purpose is for the guide to be very discreet so it gives those girls who may have factors preventing them from a good sexual education, a chance in their own space and under their own prerogative to learn in a safe and non intrusive way.

I’m considering the guide being in a digital pdf format, so that it fits in with TeenVogue’s online format and it’s downloadable for a phone, so once you have it – you have it, an instagram for it – separate from teen vogue’s, for another easy access point for the audience. Possibly an option for a printed copy, it would be small enough for a handbag/pocket and sent out in discreet packaging.

The benefit to the guide would be learning in a non-clinical/textbook tone and provide the info they need easily – at their fingertips.

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