Feedback + name change

Feedback from Danielle:

  • change name – not inclusive enough, since it’s about the vagina, include the word vagina?
  • format being pdf doesn’t work and teenvogue doesn’t print anymore so no need for printable asset
  • would work better as a collaborative app

Reflecting on the feedback :

  • happy to change the name, I wasn’t sure if my original name – a guide for girls, was inclusive enough anyway
  • I’ll reformat/ redesign everything to be an app, I might still print it though for my own portfolio – I like print

So I’ve been trying to come up with a better name for my app/guide. I was struggling with ideas so I put the word vagina in popular film titles, but I think I’ve settled on The Vagina Club – from the cult classic The Breakfast Club. I think it’s inclusive to everyone with a vagina and could create a sense of belonging to a subject which people could have a sense of detachment from. I am making this guide in mind of those with factors hindering their knowledge about their own vagina, they don’t know their own bodies so this can cause mental health and physical health issues. The Vagina Club is a safe space to learn all about a body part which shouldn’t be taboo, if you have a vagina you’re automatically part of the club.

I was advised by Danielle to have a tagline so I’ve decided to use “inclusive, not intrusive” as I think this encompasses my guide.

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