App Design Research

In terms of layout/design of The Vagina Club app, I want it to be simple. not too fancy , not too complex, the app is meant to be easy to use, easy to understand – ultimately accessible to everyone.

The mobile banking app design by Victa Wille is very sleek – aesthetically its nice which the curved edges. I love the extreme simplicity with the menu design by Tubik that uses coloured blocks, minimal type and icon design, that’s all that’s needed to effectively communicate that its a menu.

In terms of app directed to females/non binaries, the only ones out there only cater for menstrual cycles – so I don’t have much to compare content wise. However the design usually is uber “feminine” , flowery, lots of pink – which is not necessarily a bad thing but I know that I want my app to be balanced – subtly ‘feminine’.

I think the use of pink /soft/ pastel colours, makes them seem more friendly – if that makes sense. If the colours were dark or too bright it could be intimidating which is what I want to steer away from, I want that audience to feel welcome in this platform.

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