Content + Menu + Landing Page

As I had already created my layout pages and illustrations, I needed to re format them to fit an iPhone size. I played around with a few different variations and edited my designs here and there but I think I have got to a point where I am happy.

I prefer the logo on its own (middle picture)

I decided that the app could have a login for extra safety and to keep this content private for the user, it would make sense as I want my app to be a safe space.

For the login design I took inspiration from an app design I created in my second year for ArtFund_ (YCN). I used red to fit with the red used in the logo.

For the app’s menu I wanted it to be simple like the ones in my research, I liked the idea of a list of buttons that click through to each subject area, I thought that when clicked the text could highlight and drop down to reveal what exactly is in each content area. I also added an index button as I thought my app might benefit from having an area where there was links to further information as my app might not have the answer to absolutely everything like medical situations in need of an actual doctors advice.

I then decided that the whole button should be highlighted when pressed, not just the text.

After some more consideration and a few discussions with my peers, I thought to further link to TeenVogue, the index button would become the TeenVogue button which would link you directly to their website, as their website has many articles with information and advice surrounding the vaginas but also other areas of interest for women and non binaries.

I also started to play around with a block colour to suggest an iPhone or the simpler black outline I created in illustrator.

I prefer the black outline.

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