It Starts Small Website Design

I created this website design to round off my process project as I am now unable to complete my stamps due to covid-19.

The website purpose is to display, explain and showcase It Starts Small as a movement and give information surrounding the purpose of the workshops it holds.

Referring back to the workshops I researched and using siteinspire for inspiration!

SiteInspire has got some great modern web page designs on although I wanted mine to feel lightly more professional.

I decided to use a simple colour scheme of black, white/cream (mimicking the receipts) and some red (to show the importance/danger the insects are in) . Using the typefaces I had already used within the workshop brief earlier on in this project.

word press seems to compress the images, my pdf isn’t so squished.

I decided to make It Starts Small a organisation/movement that puts on workshops to raise awareness instead of just a workshop itself. Using a simple website to get the message across and involve more people. By getting connected, you can find out more about the cause and also find out when the next workshop will be.

I decided to simplfy the message/purpose of It Starts Small in 3 paragraphs with a simple icon to further enhance the communication. I think they work well to help explain what It Starts Small is all about.

This page is an archive of ‘past’ workshops of the organisation. which the user can click through to to see the work created in each. I wanted to scan in my receipts from my giant receipt wall installation but they’re all in my London flat which I now can’t access (because of Corona) so I used photos of the receipt wall I took when I had it up.

I decided to have a ‘Get Invloved’ section to this website. I thought about maximum accessibility, not everyone will be able to come to each workshop, so I created an at home downloadable stencil sheet so people can make their own prints.

Also would be fun activity during lockdown lol.

I hand drew these.

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