New App Layouts

Using the new colour scheme and design features of my rebrand, I’ve been trying to work them into an app design.

I want this app to be a merge of the features I used in my first app design and those of the website design I did.

I want the app to have the safety button, a login, landing page, menu and sections.

Opening/Landing pages

I thought about having the app appear blank until you login with Face ID or touch passcode. I though this would give a maximised security element and also fit better with todays technology, not many apps ask for a written passcode it’s either Touch ID or face ID at present.

When logged in successfully the Vagina Club logo appears, then the safety button.

Then before the user taps through to the menu, a pop up appears which tells you about the safety button (like the website) and how it changes the content to the teen vogue website, the pop up makes anything in the background faded so the message stands out more. I experimented with my hand drawn arrows to point to the button but I ended up liking the circled effect on its own the best, the circle would appear like it was actually drawn on the screen.


Getting the menu right seemed to be the hardest task. Getting it to be simple but not look boring or shit essentially.

I toyed around with the logo being on the page and actually having the word menu there too.

I first decided I liked the box style approach I used in my first app design, they clearly look like buttons.

I then decided to take them larger and filled in with a colour. The button pressed on would get slightly larger and lose the colour fill. It would also be a scroll menu to reveal more subject areas – taking inspiration from the menu design in my research.

Information Pages

I started with this – how ugly

This page is meant to show things to look out for when using/ buying sex toys. Helpful advice on how to make your experience safer.

I think the logo typeface should stick to its original job.

Sort of better – still not quite right.

I then tried this layout which I think works much better

A title, sub headings then the information.

I decided to change the sub headings from all caps to normal and fill in the title box.


For my other subject area – dispelling first time misconceptions or myths, I like how I presented the info in my first design, with a fact and then some more information in more detail.

I used the title box to show the myth/misconception as a question. Then a fact to dispel the myth below, centred and in a larger font size, then the more detailed information in a smaller font size.

Also the arrows underneath the iPhone show which was you can swipe on the page.


Like my first app design I want the illustrations to show after pressing a button in the menu before the info pages show, I thought they could also be a pop up which fade to reveal each subject area.

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