New Concept – Eurythmy + Research

David suggested I look into eurythmy following my tutorial with him. I’m absolutely in love with it after doing my own research into it. I think im going to change my concept from Yoga to eurythmy as its stronger, fits with the theme of maximum joy better and I can still keep elements of my original idea for a photoshoot.


Eurythmy is an expressive dance form developed by Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie Von Sivers in the early 20th century. Primarily a performance art, it is also used in education and – as part of Anthroposophic medicine – for claimed therapeutic purposes. Anthroposophic medicine is a form of alternative medicine, a term also coined by Rudolf Steiner.

“The word eurythmy stems from Greek roots meaning beautiful or harmonious rhythm. The term was used by Ancient Greek and Roman architects to refer to the harmonious proportions of a design or building; The English word eurythmy was used from the 17th to 19th century to refer not only to harmonious architectural proportions, but also to “rhythmical order or movement” and “a graceful proportion and carriage of the body”.”

The gestures in the eurythmist’s movement relate to the sounds and rhythms of speech, to the tones and rhythms of music and to “soul experiences”, such as joy and sorrow.

Once these fundamental repertoire elements are learned, they can be composed into free artistic expressions. The eurythmist also cultivates a feeling for the qualities of straight lines and curves, the directions of movement in space (forward, backward, up, down, left, right), contraction and expansion, and color.

The element of colour is also emphasised both through the costuming, usually given characteristic colours for a piece or part and formed of long, loose fabrics that accentuate the movements rather than the bodily form, and through the lighting, which saturates the space and changes with the moods of the piece.

Eurythmy’s aim is to bring the artists’ expressive movement and both the performers’ and audience’s feeling experience into harmony with a piece’s content; eurythmy is thus sometimes called “visible music” or “visible speech”, expressions that originate with its founder, Rudolf Steiner, who described eurythmy as an “art of the soul”.

Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (27 (or 25) February 1861– 30 March 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect and claimed clairvoyant.

Similar to yoga in the movement and gestures – Eurythmy also promotes positive feelings and has therapeutic benefits – albeit these are not scientifically proven like those relating to Yoga are, Eurythmy is said to spiritually benefit one by reintegrating the body, soul and spirit – producing a sense of peace and inner joy.

I find the concept so interesting.

Eurythmy + Colour

Excerpts from Eurythmy as Visible Speech a book by Rudolf Steiner

In these excerpts it details how the use of colour is prevalent, how colour works in conjunction with the performance to represent different things.

A blog post written by a eurythmic dancer –

It appears that the clothes are used to represent the colour auras and certain feelings as well as enhance the movement and coupled with the gesture itself made during the performance – it communicates a feeling further.

This feels extremely similar to the research I did on colour psychology, it seems to work in parallel with the representation of colour in Eurythmy.

I think I might combine these two concepts in my photoshoot.

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