Photoshoot Idea, Presentation + Feedback

Traditional Yoga Poses.

I want to do a photoshoot that captures the movement of yoga. Rather than the shoot looking like the photos above, I wanted it to be more abstract. So close ups, bodies moving into the poses, only part of the moving subject shown etc to capture the essences and create a beautiful shoot hopefully.

I though about dressing the subjects in different types of sports wear – not just a sports bra and yoga pants. More colour, fun and high fashion.

Vogue has done some unreal sportswear photoshoots and traditional sportswear designers are now taking sports wear from practical to runway and everyday fashion. These are the kind out outfits I would wanna use within my shoot.

The two pictures at the bottom are my favourite. They were shot by Nadia Sarwar for Elle Magazine. I love the contrast between the concrete, subject and outfits.

After speaking with David about my idea and looking at my references – we talked about a concept change to something called eurythmy. I’ve not heard of it but it sounds very interesting and is potentially a stronger concept then yoga.

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