FINAL DISS TITLE: To what extent does Psychographic Data Analysis harm political autonomy? and analysis on the designer’s impact.

Thinking: I was inspired to write my dissertation off the back of my second year 3000 word essay “Does design play a significant role in the normalisation of violence within our society?” – within this essay I explored the use of digital designs like video games but also tv in the normalisation of violence on society – this led me to think more broadly about the dark side of modern technology and the effects of this on society.


The Great Hack Documentary: It was this documentary that got me interested in the effect of modern technology on democracy and on psychographic data analysis. It details how recent political campaigns like the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Vote Leave (Brexit) used ad targeting to win voters and ultimately win the campaigns. Shocking revelations to have such undemocratic events happening in countries that pride themselves on their democracy.

HyperNormalisation: This documentary was a big part of my research in the 3000 word essay. Detailing the concept of a fake world organised by politicians and fed to society to normalise and control them.

Notes/research on Cambridge Analytica and the use of psychographic data analysis.

Notes/research on AI and effect on free will.

Research on Autonomy + Free will.

Further research – studies, dissertations and thesis’s

Vance Packard’s hidden persuaders – psychology of advertising.

Full Bibliography:

Full Dissertation:

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