FMP – Designed Dissertation

My original FMP idea was to create a hardback book exploring grief – following my experience of losing my mum at 16 to cancer but also other peoples experiences of losing a loved one.

I thought about making it specific to losing someone from cancer as there are differences in those situations as opposed to losing people in other ways, such as, the way it affects you psychologically.

I wanted it to be filled with advice but also a platform for those who have experienced loss to say/visual anything they wanted.

However, on the day of starting term 3 my grandma passed away after contracting covid-19 – it was quite sudden as she appeared to be getting better and no longer needed to be on oxygen – her passing has hit my family really hard and I no longer felt emotionally ok to create the project I had intended to do.

I’ve decided to switch to doing the designed dissertation – this is something I already wanted to do but ended up not having the time before submission in January.

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