More Layout Experimentation + Risograph Experimentation + Deciding to go full hand drawn.

Riso Experiments:

I tried to make my drawing look like they were risograph printed in photoshop as the fact of actually getting my project printed might not happen.

I don’t think it looked great so decided against taking it further.

Deciding on using sole hand drawn illustration:

I love the look of the hand drawn – doodle type illustration. I think it’s effective and I like that you can see the texture of the pen and paper. It really brings in the human element to my topic – with the digital drawings I created, I liked them but they somehow felt too connected to the bad technological culture I am slamming within the text. The hand drawn has a nice separation from the content whilst also amplifying it.

I like how the illustration either works with or against the text/other image – without over powering it.

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