Taking steps back and re thinking.

I went back and highlighted each quote and paragraph I want to use within this project. I then also broke what I wanted to include again further seen in the first image.

I then wrote down everything that was in my head concerning what I wanted to say and who to.


Marshall McLuhan – Medium is the Message. (book)

Medium is message is a deliberately paradoxical statement.

McLuhan focussed on the medium itself

“what has been communicated (message) has been less important then the particular medium through which people communicate”.

the technology that transfers the message changes us and society

example: the shift from oral culture to print – the dominating sense organ changed from ear to eye and the visual part of the brain

other examples of the technological shifts – telephone, radio, telegraph and television.

  • everyone joins in to create a ‘global village’ – at the expense of conformity.

It’s like McLuhan predicted the internet.


The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You – Eli Pariser (book)

Filter Bubble – a situation in which an Internet user encounters only information and opinions that conform to and reinforce their own beliefs, caused by algorithms that personalise an individual’s online experience.”the personalisation of the web could gradually isolate individual users into their own filter bubbles”

a state of intellectual isolation

This research is helping me on the way to defining my project.

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