Riposte Summary

I chose Eurythmy as the theme for this project as it fits the theme of Maximum Joy well.

Eurythmy – meaning beautiful flow, is an artistic dance form that is meant to bring harmony, joy and promote a deeper connection to the centre of self through gentle flowing movements. The gestures in the eurythmist’s movement relate to the sounds and rhythms of speech, to the tones and rhythms of music and to “soul experiences”, such as joy and sorrow. The element of colour is also emphasised both through the costuming, usually given characteristic colours for a piece or part and formed of long, loose fabrics that accentuate the movements rather than the bodily form. 

My Eurythmy photoshoot was intended capture the movement in a more abstract way – through the same close up shots, subjects partially in shot and also with more focus on the movement of the limbs and clothes which is a huge part of the Eurythmy dance form. I wanted my photoshoot to be a more modern take in terms of the outfits and look. 

I decided to combine some research I conducted into colour psychology into the Euryhtmy photoshoot as Eurythmy itself uses colour – specifically the soul colours relating to Chakras – within its costuming. 

I put a survey on instagram asking people to state what they thought was the happiest colour. Out of this survey came the colours yellow, green and blue.

I used these colours in the outfits my models wore within the shoot.

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