D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary

The Vagina Club is a inclusive, non intrusive free app in partnership with TeenVogue and The Case For Her, giving those with vaginas safe access to information surrounding their genitals. The concept came from researching into the issue of those with vaginas having further factors hindering them from a good sexual education – separate fromContinue reading “D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary”

Process Summary

Process is an experimentation based project starting from the topic of paper making. Through research and experiments the topic changes from paper making to pollution to larger animals affected by pollution to smaller creatures affected, then to an educational workshop and finally to a movement – It Starts Small. I originally wanted to create someContinue reading “Process Summary”

500 word FMP Summary

The Age of Un-enlightenment is an artist book/publication highlighting the issue of surveillance, ignorance and deceit caused by the paradigm shift of social media and psychographic data analysis – targeted advertising and the human contribution to the matter. As explored within my dissertation “To what extent does Psychographic Data Analysis harm political autonomy? and analysisContinue reading “500 word FMP Summary”

More Layout Experimentation + Risograph Experimentation + Deciding to go full hand drawn.

Riso Experiments: I tried to make my drawing look like they were risograph printed in photoshop as the fact of actually getting my project printed might not happen. I don’t think it looked great so decided against taking it further. Deciding on using sole hand drawn illustration: I love the look of the hand drawnContinue reading “More Layout Experimentation + Risograph Experimentation + Deciding to go full hand drawn.”

Layout Experimentation + Feedback

My first layout experimentation. FEEDBACK My feed back was mostly positive but David and my group said that there was too much going on with the illustrations – too many different styles causing it to become disjointed. I added in a quick hand drawn sketch in one of the layouts as I had’nt finished theContinue reading “Layout Experimentation + Feedback”