@renaissance_man I spent so long trying to find the identity of this designer but I failed miserably.However, I absolutely love this designers style, its fun, humorous, very stylised and is constantly up to date with internet culture and my generations’ humour. If they’re not of my generation I’ll eat my hat.They transfer their designs toContinue reading “RESEARCH: Iamhere”

RESEARCH: Harry Vincent

@harry_vincent I love the simplicity of this poster design.The typeface is lovely although the spacing is quite tight together, some letters are touching. I’m not sure I’d like that within my own design but it doesn’t look bad on this piece to be fair.I think the illustration is quietly clever with how it works inContinue reading “RESEARCH: Harry Vincent”

RESEARCH: Dark Arts Coffee, Hideout Coffee.

@darkartscoffee @hideoutcoffeecompany I discovered these two coffee shop brands via instagram. Dark Arts is based in Hackney and Japan. Hideout is based in Portsmouth.They both have a similar branding style – both of which I absolutely love. They both use a heavy weighted serif typeface – it gives me an old school vibe which isContinue reading “RESEARCH: Dark Arts Coffee, Hideout Coffee.”

I AM HERE/WE ARE HERE Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts when given the brief for this project were to do something I’m really interested in. I’d say my personal practice is editorial, layout and print work based, so I wanted to do something along those lines. I found it hard to find inspiration at first so I thought I’d use my currentContinue reading “I AM HERE/WE ARE HERE Initial Thoughts”