The Age Of Un-enlightenment

with the help of my brother and previous research I wrote a short piece on what my project is all about. The Age of Enlightenment was characterised by the rise of the scientific method, rational thought and scepticism; There was a belief that this would set us free from ignorance and irrationality. However, we areContinue reading “The Age Of Un-enlightenment”

Taking steps back and re thinking.

I went back and highlighted each quote and paragraph I want to use within this project. I then also broke what I wanted to include again further seen in the first image. I then wrote down everything that was in my head concerning what I wanted to say and who to. Research: Marshall McLuhan –Continue reading “Taking steps back and re thinking.”

How to visualise a bleak concept?

In my first tutorial I discussed with David the differing ways of visualising the concepts I had chosen to go with. We discussed how it was important to balance the tone as the content of my diss is quite bleak and that creating equally as bleak visuals would make it just depressing and less accessible.Continue reading “How to visualise a bleak concept?”

Initial Research (contextual)

I started my research process by breaking down my dissertation into key points/themes discussed within it. my main interest is actual the general undertone surrounding the coercive control from modern tech through Surveillance Capitalism. “Surveillance capitalism is a new term addressing the process of commodifying personal data with the core purpose of profit making. Since personal data can beContinue reading “Initial Research (contextual)”