FMP – Designed Dissertation

My original FMP idea was to create a hardback book exploring grief – following my experience of losing my mum at 16 to cancer but also other peoples experiences of losing a loved one. I thought about making it specific to losing someone from cancer as there are differences in those situations as opposed toContinue reading “FMP – Designed Dissertation”

Adopting a Jaguar lol

Doing this project made me want to do more to help the animals affected by the paper making industry. Since at present you can’t adopt an insect, I adopted a jaguar, a species whose habitats are ravished by deforestation and pollution. This project started by looking into bigger animals affected by pollution so doing somethingContinue reading “Adopting a Jaguar lol”

Final Presentation for hand in + Extended version + Alternative

Choosing 2-4 images for the hand in seemed quite restrictive but I am happy with my choice and I think it communicates my theme well. I chose images from my group shoot as I thought it better represented the community/family aspect of eurythmy – it’s not something that’s done alone really. I liked the closeContinue reading “Final Presentation for hand in + Extended version + Alternative”