D&Ad: Teen Vogue

D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary

The Vagina Club is a inclusive, non intrusive free app in partnership with TeenVogue and The Case For Her, giving those with vaginas safe access to information surrounding their genitals. The concept came from researching into the issue of those with vaginas having further factors hindering them from a good sexual education – separate fromContinue reading “D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary”

Vagina Club Rebrand notes

I realised I hasn’t input these into my blog whilst I was going along. These are some of the hand drawn elements I was thinking of using within the rebrand, the initial sketches of the new logo and notes about how one would move though the webpage or app.

New App Layouts

Using the new colour scheme and design features of my rebrand, I’ve been trying to work them into an app design. I want this app to be a merge of the features I used in my first app design and those of the website design I did. I want the app to have the safetyContinue reading “New App Layouts”

landing page

I played around with some colour schemes but my favourite is this one. I think there’s a nice balance of feminine but not uber girly with this colour palette. I also created some hand drawn elements which I think looks quite nice. I drew these out then took them into illustrator.

Final PDF ?

It was very hard to explain the app in not so many words but I think I did ok, some of it is still wordy but I think its absolutely necessary to keep it in as its needed to understand the purpose of the app.


For accessibility I was suggested I created content to be shown on instagram. I mocked up some pages and a story, I decided that I used my contraception content and then leave the other subject areas to be app example pages. I originally created The Vagina Club its own instagram page but then after speakingContinue reading “Accessibility”

Feedback + name change

Feedback from Danielle: change name – not inclusive enough, since it’s about the vagina, include the word vagina? format being pdf doesn’t work and teenvogue doesn’t print anymore so no need for printable asset would work better as a collaborative app Reflecting on the feedback : happy to change the name, I wasn’t sure ifContinue reading “Feedback + name change”


Thrush Sex Contraception Safe sex toys I am happy with how these turned out. I think humour is a good element to have within this guide as it normalises each subject and makes it less intimidating.

New aesthetic

I went back to the drawing board and had another think about how I want my Guide to look. I started looking at menus as a way to present information. They’re nice to look at, simple yet full of information, I am going to try emulating this style of presenting info within my guide. InContinue reading “New aesthetic”

Initial Layouts- FAIL

Honestly… I don’t even know what I was doing, these are awful lol I tried to put something together, hated it, tried to change the colours, still hated it. I’m going to go back to the drawing board and burn these designs

First Illustrations

I started these illustrations for each section of my guide. The underwear for talking about discharge, thrush and what’s normal. Contraception and normalising vulvas/vaginas. Various female figures for using in the sex & wellness areas for the guides I actually am not that happy with how they turned out but I’m gonna put them intoContinue reading “First Illustrations”


I really like the pink red white aesthetic, it’s feminine but with a control over the colours it’s not too girly. I’m going to experiment with this

Teen Vogue: Research

https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/tips/a811/first-time-sex/ https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/what-happens-when-you-lose-your-virginity https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/sexual-health/are-sex-toys-safe/ https://www.canesten.co.uk/en/female/symptoms/thrush/prevention/ https://www.canesten.co.uk/en/female/symptoms/thrush/what-is-it/ https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/thrush-in-men-and-women/ https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/contraception/which-method-suits-me/ https://www.sexwise.fpa.org.uk/contraception/which-method-contraception-right-me https://www.contraceptionchoices.org I’ve been looking into each subject area – the ones highlighted in my survey research. Thrush, safe sex toys, contraception and having sex for the first time. There is so many great articles online but these seemed to have the most reliable information I can useContinue reading “Teen Vogue: Research”

My Idea

My idea is to make a guide or handbook for all girls & non binaries but mostly those who have factors that hinder their access to the sexual education needed to have safe & healthy sex/relationships and healthy relationships to their own bodies. The guide would cover many different essential topics currently missing from theContinue reading “My Idea”

Survey Feedback

I sent out a survey to the specifyed age group on the brief, via my personal instagram as I felt people would be more willing to talk about sensitive areas such as these on a platform with a personal feel. I got a really good and varied response from the girls. The feedback is broadContinue reading “Survey Feedback”

The Vagina Museum

In Camden there is a Vagina Museum, I visited it with Charlene this week. My visit was amazing, I learned so much and I truly believe that this knowledge is essential and should be widespread. The museum provided in depth facts covering all aspects and topics relating to vaginas and vulvas, this has spurred meContinue reading “The Vagina Museum”

Teen Vogue: Research

I thought starting my research with finding the mission statement of Teen Vogue would help me set the tone of my project as it has to fit with theirs. It is pretty essential to get this right so I will consider this throughout my project process. Finding out the average age of the Teen VogueContinue reading “Teen Vogue: Research”

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