Process Summary

Process is an experimentation based project starting from the topic of paper making. Through research and experiments the topic changes from paper making to pollution to larger animals affected by pollution to smaller creatures affected, then to an educational workshop and finally to a movement – It Starts Small. I originally wanted to create someContinue reading “Process Summary”

Adopting a Jaguar lol

Doing this project made me want to do more to help the animals affected by the paper making industry. Since at present you can’t adopt an insect, I adopted a jaguar, a species whose habitats are ravished by deforestation and pollution. This project started by looking into bigger animals affected by pollution so doing somethingContinue reading “Adopting a Jaguar lol”


Reflecting on my feedback from my group and tutor. I’m happy with my peer feedback and I agree that I should’ve added a caption or some explanation to my wall of prints so that it communicates effectively.

What to do with the Lino cuts? + prototypes I visited the Natural History Museum to look specifically at the entomology section, following this visit I had the idea to repurpose my lino cuts into stamps using the facts already obtained from my research to create a entomology case type look to them. I enjoy the way they look and making aContinue reading “What to do with the Lino cuts? + prototypes”


Overall, I am happy with my outcome but there are a few minor changes that I think would make it better – choose a better lit room and a less obsructed wall to present on. I think it does show the great impact of each issues presenting them in this way and having other peopleContinue reading “Outcome”


I think the workshop was a success. I had a few groups of first and second years engage in the process. There was hundreds of printed recipts outcomes. Brilliant.

It Starts Small

I named my workshop It Starts Small because each element, the recipts and insects, are both small in size and also relating to how the bigger impacts and consequences of pollution start from small things like reciepts and how the destruction of big eco systems starts with the smallest parts – the insects. I’m quiteContinue reading “It Starts Small”

Where next?

After my lastest tutorial with Joe, I felt like he hadn’t quite got what I’m trying to show with my project. He suggested I instead take it digital and rebrand big corporation logos to fit the pollution theme. I came a way from up feeling pretty deflated and confused but after having some good conversationsContinue reading “Where next?”

Receipt Prints

I went round uni asking my class mates and tutors if they had any reciepts on them. They had a lot. I also tried printing insects on the corporations packaging just to try it but i definitely prefer the reciepts, the volume of them is quite impactful.

Lino Cuts

I illustrated my bugs using my own interpretation of them. I wanted them to all have a similar style so they’d flow somewhat when presented together. They are in keeping with how they actually look but with my added illustration style to create a cohesion between them, I don’t want them to seem disjointed.


For my exploration into the subject of the insect armageddon due to pollution, I wanted to identify and use real insects that have been affected by climate change. Monarch Butterfly Danaus Plexippus Predicted to be extinct by 2037 Stag Beetle Lucanidae Extinct in many parts of the Uk Dung Beetle Scarabaeidae If mammals die offContinue reading “Insects”

Tutorial Reflection

I showed my prints to Joe and he said he wasnt sure about them which is kind of disheartening. I don’t feel like i got much constructive advice so I’ve been thinking about where I can develop my experimentation further. On the brief it talks about taking things from small to big or big toContinue reading “Tutorial Reflection”

Animals affected by pollution. Sunda/Sumatran TigerThis subspecies was once found across several parts of the Sunda islands in Indonesia. Today, all remaining Sunda tigers are found only in Sumatra, now that tigers in Java and Bali are extinct.The last of the Sunda island tigers—estimated to be fewer than 400 today—are holding on for survival in theContinue reading “Animals affected by pollution.”

Big Corporations Killing the Planet,838846.html After reading these articles I learned that companies we use regularly are massively contributing to the current environmental crisis, it is awful yet not much seems to being done fast enough. I want to incorporate their packaging into some experimentation, to make a statement using animals which have been affectected byContinue reading “Big Corporations Killing the Planet”

David Attenborough

I’ve been watching quite a lot of David Attenborough at the moment with the release of his Our Planet 2019 series which tackles the environmental impacts of climate change and how the wildlife in these areas are impacted. I think I may focus on animals affected by climate change, I feel passionate about this subjectContinue reading “David Attenborough”

Thermal Paper Thermal paper which is used to make reciepts and tickets, is printed on using heat. Every year, UK retailers hand out around 11.2 billion till receipts, which cost at least £32 million to make. Even if you don’t need a receipt, chances are it’ll be printed anyway and goes into the trash.Continue reading “Thermal Paper”

Pollution Research (most of it) is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.Paper PollutionThe environmental impact of paper production is importantContinue reading “Pollution Research (most of it)”

Stage 2 Thoughts

From visiting the design museum I started to think about focussing on those affected by pollution instead of looking at solutions. I like the element of pollution taken from the recycling element in Stage 1.I think this will be the basis for Stage 2, I like the idea of raising awareness on the subject.

Design Museum Visit

I was mostly focussed on the PriestmanGoode exhibition GETONBOARD: Reduce Reuse Rethink but i did also look at other exhibitions PriestmanGoode’s aim is to raise awareness of air travel waste, by making every utensil or item you might find on a aircraft either sustainable, edible and biodegrable i thought the exhibition was great, it wasContinue reading “Design Museum Visit”

Outcome (Stage 1)

I really wanted to print the simplified 6 step process of paper making onto my homemade paper as an outcome. I thought this would look effective and clearly illustrate the process.HOWEVER I tried to put my paper in a printer but it didn’t work well. My paper was too thick and the texture of itContinue reading “Outcome (Stage 1)”

Paper Making at home

Through referring back to my research I wanted to create my own paper – using the homemade technique video I found. With also being very interested in the recycling and environmental side of my research I wanted to make my paper with recycled elements. I would take any household rubbish id otherwise throw away andContinue reading “Paper Making at home”

The Process

My notes on the process, worked out by my previous research. You can simplify it into 6 steps. 1. Woodchips (material to be made into paper) 2. Grind (grind material down) 3. Cook (cook in bleach) 4. Flatten or Roll out (compress cooked material into a thin flat shape) 5. Heat (heat the flatten materialContinue reading “The Process”


I decided to take it back to basics and what REALLY interests me. PRINT!But not the process of printing I want to focus on paper making. I thought i’d go for that as paper is what I need to create my layouts and editorial work on. I actually feel very inspired by this idea andContinue reading “NEW IDEA!”

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