Riposte Summary

I chose Eurythmy as the theme for this project as it fits the theme of Maximum Joy well. Eurythmy – meaning beautiful flow, is an artistic dance form that is meant to bring harmony, joy and promote a deeper connection to the centre of self through gentle flowing movements. The gestures in the eurythmist‚Äôs movementContinue reading “Riposte Summary”

Film Pictures

On my second shoot, Gabby came along to help me, whilst I was shooting she was taking photos on her film camera for me. These are those pictures. my favourite:

Final Presentation for hand in + Extended version + Alternative

Choosing 2-4 images for the hand in seemed quite restrictive but I am happy with my choice and I think it communicates my theme well. I chose images from my group shoot as I thought it better represented the community/family aspect of eurythmy – it’s not something that’s done alone really. I liked the closeContinue reading “Final Presentation for hand in + Extended version + Alternative”

Edited Photos

This was a hard task but I decided to be savage about it and really cut them down. Picking 2-4 images for the submission is going to be difficult. These were the individual person shots which I don’t think work as well as the group shots, also some of them look quite stiff and don’tContinue reading “Edited Photos”

Shoot Day 2

I could only find 1 model available for this day which was a shame because this was the shoot on location which I was hoping would work really well. Saying that I am still very happy with the outcome of this shoot and the contrast of the model and background looks great in my opinion.

Shoot Day 1

My first shoot was in the studio at uni. I had managed to find 5 models available for this day and also got Char to help with setting up and shooting, so we had two cameras going a one time. I wanted to be able to capture movement so I had already shown the modelsContinue reading “Shoot Day 1”

Casting + Location

For casting, I would ideally like a diverse range of people, genders, ethnicities and body types. For the location – I think I am planning on doing two shoots, one in the studio at uni and another on location – hopefully at Southbank and the Hayward gallery. Making reference to the Nadia Sarwar shoot forContinue reading “Casting + Location”

Makeup + Outfits

In traditional Eurythmy, the dances appear to have little to no makeup on and hair is alway tied back. For my shoot I though it would be nice to have a sort of Glossier type look of barely any makeup but with a pop of colour on the lid. I’ve decided to use my colourContinue reading “Makeup + Outfits”

Photoshoot Idea

Similar to my Yoga photoshoot idea – I want my Eurythmy shoot to capture the movement in a more abstract way – through the same close up shots, subjects partially in shot and also with more focus on the movement of the limbs and clothes which is a huge part of the Eurythmy dance form.Continue reading “Photoshoot Idea”

Yoga + Research

I began thinking about Yoga as a theme for this project. Yoga is extremely popular, especially at the moment as the health and wellness industry booms. Many of my friends swear by it. Medical Health Benefits Ujjayi Breath – Diaphragmatic Breathing Controls stress response inside body Helps PTSD Oxytoncin1. Destress2. Closer to loved ones MelatoninContinue reading “Yoga + Research”

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