Process Summary

Process is an experimentation based project starting from the topic of paper making. Through research and experiments the topic changes from paper making to pollution to larger animals affected by pollution to smaller creatures affected, then to an educational workshop and finally to a movement – It Starts Small. I originally wanted to create someContinue reading “Process Summary”

Adopting a Jaguar lol

Doing this project made me want to do more to help the animals affected by the paper making industry. Since at present you can’t adopt an insect, I adopted a jaguar, a species whose habitats are ravished by deforestation and pollution. This project started by looking into bigger animals affected by pollution so doing somethingContinue reading “Adopting a Jaguar lol”

It Starts Small Website Design

I created this website design to round off my process project as I am now unable to complete my stamps due to covid-19. The website purpose is to display, explain and showcase It Starts Small as a movement and give information surrounding the purpose of the workshops it holds. Referring back to the workshops IContinue reading “It Starts Small Website Design”

What to do with the Lino cuts? + prototypes I visited the Natural History Museum to look specifically at the entomology section, following this visit I had the idea to repurpose my lino cuts into stamps using the facts already obtained from my research to create a entomology case type look to them. I enjoy the way they look and making aContinue reading “What to do with the Lino cuts? + prototypes”

It Starts Small

I named my workshop It Starts Small because each element, the recipts and insects, are both small in size and also relating to how the bigger impacts and consequences of pollution start from small things like reciepts and how the destruction of big eco systems starts with the smallest parts – the insects. I’m quiteContinue reading “It Starts Small”