D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary

The Vagina Club is a inclusive, non intrusive free app in partnership with TeenVogue and The Case For Her, giving those with vaginas safe access to information surrounding their genitals. The concept came from researching into the issue of those with vaginas having further factors hindering them from a good sexual education – separate fromContinue reading “D&Ad: TeenVogue Summary”

Final Outcome (actually the final one) + comparing rebrand to first try.

I kept most of my annotations the same to my first presentation, just with tweaks where needed, same with my accessibility pages I just changed the content to suite the rebrand. I am much much happier with it now. I would like to win a pencil lol. Comparison glow up !!

Don’t like the website. going back to an app

I’m not happy with where this rebrand is going in terms of the format being a website. Things have got really difficult because of covid-19 and I’m struggling to focus on my work at the moment. I’ve been struggling with the website design so I think I’m going to revert back to an app asContinue reading “Don’t like the website. going back to an app”

New Logo Type + important new feature

I picked a typeface called Bluu Next, I still wanted the word vagina to stand out. The accompanying typeface is Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro.  I decided to add an extra safety feature to the project. I began thinking about when child line had a feature to completely change the content of the webpage toContinue reading “New Logo Type + important new feature”

Feedback + Personal Reflection

so, the more I look at this design, the more I hate it. I think the colours are quite childish and the pdf looks unprofessional with the coloured backgrounds. Also not sure on the Vagina Club logo type . I like the concept – just not my realisation. Also I spoke to a staff memberContinue reading “Feedback + Personal Reflection”